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Phil Cook Releases ‘Autopiano’

May 5, 2023 - By Phil Cook

Today, we’re happy to announce Autopiano by Phil Cook! The two songs were performed on a very unique piano at a crucial time in the recording process of Phil’s 2021 release ‘All These Years.’ The sounds of the near-naturally prepared piano shine new light on “Brothers” and “Bicycle Kids” by showing the bones of each beautifully composed piece.

Here Phil shares the story of this release:

This moment is the genesis of what All These Years was to become. Preproduction at Brian Josephs studio in deep winter Wisconsin was proving fruitful but there were many possible paths emerging. After many days of exploring with sonic effects and piano preparations, we took a much needed lunch break up the hill at his house. There, a broken down old piano stood in his living room. Some of the hammers had been taped back together and most keys didn’t sound great. But damn if the first two songs of this record didn’t come right out in less than 30 minutes. After this, it became clear. Honest sound. Simple sound. Vulnerable vibrations, unapologetic and unfettered, we’re the only way to make this music. Here I share with you a spark. The very moment of creation is here, capturing the sound of an instrument in a house in the wintertime landscape of Wisconsin during a lunch break.