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“Little Lies,” the latest track from The Dead Tongues

March 15, 2022 - By Psychic Hotline

Today we’re sharing another new single from our friend Ryan Gustafson of TheDeadTongues in the form of “Little Lies. It’s the latest single from his forthcoming fifth album, Dust, which is out everywhere April 1st. Today’s release comes alongside a visualizer by artist JoshFinck (MosesSumney), filmed in rural Western North Carolina, near The Dead Tongues has previously shared the eponymous first single “Dust” along with b-side “Ticket,” as well as the sprawling “Pawnshop Dollar Bills.

Of today’s single, Gustafson expands:

“While recording ‘Little Lies,’ I wanted to capture something that sailed and felt like electricity. Like the way a guitar sounds when ya just touch the strings with the amp turned all the way up. A subdued energy of sorts that kinda hints at its potential. I feel that kind of subtlety is exciting cus ya never know if the dam is gonna break or where the ceiling is.”

The lyrics were sitting in an old notebook for years. The song had seen a few renditions but none of them really ever stuck so I just set it aside and moved on. I ended up coming back around to them while writing for “Dust” and very quickly the song came to life again, fell into a new shape and felt fresh.”

Dust was recorded at Sylvan Esso’s studio, Betty’s, in the woods of Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Ryan built it out with help from a number of his musician friends – Joe Westerlund (Watchhouse, Megafaun, Califone) on drums, Andrew Marlin (Watchhouse) on mandolin, backing vocals from Alexandra Sauser-Monnig and Molly Sarlé of Mountain Man, among others.

Dust is meant to be listened to while taking a night drive, farflung and roving and existential. Somewhere between the expansiveness of American jamband and the banjo-centric folk songwriting of Gustafson’s Appalachia home. Gustafson explains the thematic throughline succinctly: “It’s this idea of uprooting and rebirth and cycles, and the past informing the future, and the future informing the past. There is no single story. Everything is connected.