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Bruno Berle’s Announces New Album ‘No Reino Dos Afetos 2’

February 29, 2024 - By Psychic Hotline

Bruno Berle, the young songwriter and poet originally hailing from Maceió, the capital of Brazil’s Alagoas state, crafts songs that are simple, direct, and full of tender nuance. With his first album No Reino Dos Afetos, Berle firmly established himself as a unique and important voice in the burgeoning scene of new Brazilian artists making a global impact. Now back with his second album, No Reino Dos Afetos 2, he stretches that further.

Listen to Bruno Berle’s New Song “Dizer Adeus”

The album follows Bruno’s relocation to São Paulo, and the songs are a reflection of his past and present. A rebuke of former categorizations of his work in Brazilian music scenes, and an idea of where his music can move, unfettered. Berle wrote most of the arrangements and co-produced his new album, Reino Dos Afetos 2 with longtime friend and musical partner Batata Boy, who is also from Maceió; and picks up the conversation begun in 2022 on Berle’s debut album. Both records are the result of a nonlinear but coherent seven-year music creation process culminating in these albums, holding hands across space and time.

On the new single “Dizer Adeus,” something transcendental emerges. An arrangement that echoes a gospel atmosphere (evangelical and Catholic environments were pivotal to Berle’s upbringing), shows one side of Berle’s sound. Whereas lead single “Tirolirole” highlighted Berle’s Brazilian folk talent, steeped in MPB history, “Dizer Adeus,” alludes to his contemporary, dreamy electronic pop sound: another glimpse into the genre-bending, intentional, iconoclastic and consuming songwriting to come from No Reino Dos Afetos 2.

Berle’s music is purposeful in being a true portrait of himself, and a reflection of the music, art, and fashion scenes he personally moves through. Berle aims to provide an entrypoint for Black queer joy in his music, in his storytelling, in his presence and vision as a creative. For him, it feels subversive to be playing MPB laced with dubstep and lo-fi, a sort of intentional sacrilege, capturing a dialogue of modernity in traditional music.  

The new album, No Reino Dos Afetos 2, is out on April 5th.