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Amaro Freitas’ new album ‘Y’Y’ is out today!

March 1, 2024 - By Psychic Hotline

Y’Y, the new album from acclaimed Brazilian composer and pianist Amaro Freitas, is out today!

Named one of Pitchfork’s Most Anticipated Albums of 2024, the album is “a call to live, feel, respect, and care for nature, recognizing it as our ancestor,” says Freitas. He continues, “it is also a warning about the need to be aware of the impact we cause, based on the concepts of civilization and modernity that keep us away from this connection, and its importance for the balance of life on the planet.” Y’Y speaks to the importance of the water, the river, and our environment and how the conservation of the Brazilian rainforest is an answer to the reality of our climate struggles.

Listen To Y’Y Here

Featuring additional contributions from Shabaka Hutchings, Hamid Drake, Aniel Somellian, Brandee Younger, Y’Y serves not only as an expression of connection to the earth and to the ancestors, but as proof of connections between the global Black avant-jazz community. This album is an artful conversation between those traditions, rooted in the unique sounds and rituals found in Afro-Brazilian and Indigenous cultures. With Y’Y, Freitas further codifies his fresh, “decolonized” interpretation of Brazilian jazz, one that may well shatter preconceived notions of what jazz can be.


“[Y’Y] refuses to settle, leaving the listener moved and invigorated”

-The Guardian

“[Y’Y] has the power to give you these little, unexpected, rushes enabling you to fall utterly for this intricate, complex, but captivating album.”


polyrhythmic compositions reminiscent of the rainforest.”

-The New York Times