Psychic Hotline

Flock of Dimes

Pure Love / Time

PSY-022 • Released: February 16, 2022

12" $15
Digital $2

After spending so much time over the past two years sitting with my grief—both personally and creatively—I’m thrilled to offer up two songs that center joy, hopefulness, and pleasure.

What can I say about Pure Love? It’s a fun pop song about how wanting more is the cause of so much suffering! The first verse is about material greed and overconsumption, a poison that has infected every aspect of our society and continues to push us collectively toward the brink of destruction. The second addresses a more personal manifestation—a constant sense of dissatisfaction with ourselves and others, a longing for a kind of perfection that can never exist. To me, overall, it’s a song about reaching for a more pure way of being–finding a way to accept our humanity and all of its failures and imperfections so that we can be at peace for a little while while we’re alive.

It is also, hopefully, a lot of fun.

Both of these songs were produced and engineered by me and my #1 pal and musical hero Nick Sanborn, and mixed by Bella Blasko, with engineering by Alli Rogers. Me + Sandy played all of the instruments with the exception of some truly key contributions by our resident guitar freak Alan Good Parker.

I wrote these songs well over a year ago, and wasn’t quite sure where to place them—but when the fine folks at Psychic Hotline asked me to be a part of their singles series, I knew they had finally found their proper home. Thanks to everyone at PH for providing the perfect context for these two songs to exist within, and for being endlessly encouraging and accepting of my many creative selves. I hope they bring a little lightness to you all.

–Jenn Wasner, 2022