Psychic Hotline

Daughter of Swords

Fantasy Boyfriend

PSY-003 • Released: June 14, 2018

7" $10
Digital $1

There’s a patience in the little things. The arc of sticky summers brimming and eventually cooling, grasses overgrowing before being cut to stubs, creeks rushing to an eventual trickle, night skies growing darker before dawn breaks. In stillness and in presence, we can allow these archetypes to pervade our experience and teach us lessons as old as time and reflexive in every organism’s makeup.

This clarity is present in every note of “Gem” and “Grasses,” the two songs that comprise Fantasy Boyfriend, the debut release from Daughter of Swords – Alexandra Sauser-Monnig of Mountain Man. Starting small on a creaky old guitar, a single voice in the air, these meditations were brought to life over the winter in a tiny house at the center of a creative commune. It’s a compass set, an intention stated, a window flung open to let the summer air in; buoyant, resilient, golden.