Psychic Hotline

Kieran Hebden & William Tyler

Darkness, Darkness / No Services

PSY027 • Released: June 30, 2023

12" $16
Digital $3

“Darkness, Darkness” and “No Services” are two songs performed by Kieran Hebden and William Tyler. This is the first collaboration between Hebden, the producer and electronic musician also known as Four Tet, and Tyler, the Nashville-based guitarist and composer.

William Tyler’s guitar parts for “Darkness, Darkness” were recorded by Jake Davis at Huge Planet in Nashville; his performance for “No Services” was recorded at The Tank in Rangely, CO.

The lacquer for this release was cut by acclaimed mastering engineer Kevin Gray and pressed by Citizen Vinyl in Asheville, NC. The physical release of these two songs will be released on 12” vinyl by Psychic Hotline on June 30, 2023 and is available to order now.