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Sam Gendel & Antonia Cytrynowicz Release “WITHOUT A SCARE”

November 2, 2022 - By Psychic Hotline

Today the prolific multi-instrumentalist Sam Gendel and his creative collaborator Antonia Cytrynowicz share a new track and single, “WITHOUT A SCARE.” The standalone track and accompanying video, which was completely conceptualized and directed by Marcella Cytrynowicz, comes on the heels of the duo’s debut collaborative release: the off-kilter experimental-jazz fusion of LIVE A LITTLE

“WITHOUT A SCARE” was recorded with the same off-the-cuff approach as the duo’s other work: Cytrynowicz sang the melody and lyrics cappella into Gendel’s phone one day as a voice memo, and then they transformed it into its final fleshed out product, which is accompanied by a Barbie nightmare-comedy video: