Psychic Hotline

North Carolina Indie Exclusives

August 10, 2021 - By Psychic Hotline

As a North Carolina based company, we are committed to supporting the amazing record stores in our own backyard, and that’s why for every full length vinyl release, we create a limited edition color variant that is only available at NC based brick and mortar record shops. We hope this will inspire fans here in North Carolina to purchase their favorite new releases directly from their local record store.

Most NC Exclusives are limited to just 150 copies, and available from any independent record store in North Carolina. We also press all of our releases locally, at Citizen Vinyl in Asheville, North Carolina, so your copy may never even cross state borders! Just look for the bright yellow sticker in your favorite store to find the NC Exclusive.

These wonderful stores consistently stock Psychic Hotline NC Exclusives. Please contact your local store for availability:


Schoolkids Records


Bull City Records
Carolina Soul


Coda Analog Art + Sound
Harvest Records


Lunchbox Records


Nice Price Books & Records
The Pour House Record Shop
Schoolkids Records