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Bruno Berle new single “Tirolirole” out on Psychic Hotline!

November 17, 2023 - By Psychic Hotline

Bruno Berle, the young songwriter and poet originally hailing Maceió, the capital of Brazil’s Alagoas state, crafts songs that are simple, direct, and full of tender nuance. With his first album No Reino Dos Afetos (which translates to “In the Realm of Affections” and was released in 2022), Berle firmly established himself as a unique and important voice in the burgeoning scene of new Brazilian artists making a global impact, including peers like Ana Frango Elétrico, Tim Bernardes, Bala Desejo, Sessa and more.


Now based in São Paulo, Berle’s released a first hint of new music to come with the single “Tirolirole.” Sun-soaked rhythms and soft voice coat the song, the lilting refrain of “Tirolirole” throughout – it’s hushed, gentle, but somehow almost tactile, a golden-hour moment unlocked in the mind. “Tirolirole” is a triumphant future classic about the temporality of a blossoming love, with Bruno’s stunning vocal soaring over melodies which ebb and flow like the waters on the Atlantic shore. Of the track, Berle explains: “Despite ‘Tirolirole’ being an expression that evokes my childhood, just like the light words about nature, the harmony, and the poetry are epic, carrying a great hope for love.”

Even so, Berle doesn’t want his music to be buried in sentimentality – the production, the arrangements, his restraint and intentionality in crafting his songs feel just as vital. Berle’s songwriting is amorphous, fluid, an encompassing genre-bending movement in-and-of-itself, quietly daring. Berle’s songs are often in conversation with other works – drinking in fountains as diverse as the filmmaking of Ingmar Bergman, the poetry of Walt Whitman, the rhythm of Djavan, and the painting of Maxwell Alexandre. Musically he weaves together a rich tapestry of Brazilian folk, UK 2-step garage/dub, trip hop and sun soaked west coast songwriters; something akin to the worlds of Milton Nascimento, Arthur Russell, James Blake, Feist, and Sade colliding into one, but even then it floats separately, driven by a simplicity and intimacy that sets him apart in contemporary music.

“Tirolirole” was written by Phylipe Nunes Araújo, who is also credited as a composer on the last two tracks of No Reino dos Afetos. This production began in 2019, during the same sessions as “Até Meu Violão” and “É Preciso Ter Amor,” and the song wasn’t finished until 2022 when Berle built out the rest of the track with drums, bass line, percussion, guitars, and pianos.

“Tirolirole” releases as a stand alone digital single on the November 17, 2023 via Psychic Hotline (USA), Far Out Recordings (UK), & Coala Records (BR), with more music to come from Bruno Berle in 2024.