Psychic Hotline

Direct Line

Welcome to Direct Line, a subscription service from Psychic Hotline. This is a gateway into the Psychic Hotline universe by way of new releases, staff picks, digital collections, exclusive merch, webstore discounts and more. If you’re a fan of what we do and are looking for deeper context, more music, and some gorgeous new items – this is for you!

With Direct Line your subscription can be digital, physical, or deluxe. All subscribers will be able to hear new music from us before it’s released, get early tip-offs about happenings at the label, and receive downloads of all our 2023 releases. Check out the links below for full details about what is included in each subscription.

There is limited availability. Subscriptions last throughout the year but you can only purchase a 2023 subscription in June and there are only 50 slots available for the Physical and Deluxe subscriptions. After June 30th, you won’t be able to sign up to any of the tiers until we reopen for subscriptions for 2024.

Direct Line Subscription

  • 2 annual packages, both containing 2 records each
  • All benefits from Tier 1
  • Additional merch items
  • Limited to 50 customers

Direct Line Deluxe Subscription

  • 3 annual packages, containing two records each
  • Exclusive Psychic Hotline hand dyed shirt
  • All benefits from Tier 1
  • Limited to 50 customers

Both the Physical and Deluxe subscribers will receive our first two packages. Each package will include a vinyl copy of a new Psychic Hotline release and it will be paired with one non-PH release, hand selected by our team. These records might be introducing a new artist in the Psychic Hotline universe, music from our broader community, or just something we can’t get enough of. Additionally, the Deluxe subscription will receive a third exclusive package, that will include an exclusive hand dyed Psychic Hotline t-shirt as well as two more records which will again be one new Psychic Hotline release paired with a non-PH release.

We’re announcing what will be in the first box now! Box 1 will include Sylvan Esso’s latest stunner, No Rules Sandy, with its unique transparent packaging designed by Public-Library on black wax and Sankofa, the fabulous release from pianist Amaro Freitas who is pioneering a new sound for spiritual jazz. This album has been on steady rotation for us for the past couple of years.

As for the rest of the boxes, you’ll just have to trust us. We’re excited to show you some of the world building we’re doing and we want this to be for folks who are fans of what we do. So if you already own one of the announced releases (or a future announced release) then just let us know. We’ll pick something else out for you in its place. We want excited to diver deeper into our musical universe with y’all. And subscribing here will be another way for us to share the story of the music we love with you. So join our orbit. Let’s take the long ring around. And we’ll send our sounds straight to you, on this direct line.