Psychic Hotline

Direct Line – 2024 Subscription

We’re happy to announce that our Direct Line subscription service is back for 2024! We’re excited for another year sharing new releases on vinyl, digital collections, exclusive merch, webstore discounts, and more with fans of Psychic Hotline. Just like last year, for each Direct Line box we hand select 2 records for everyone: a new Psychic Hotline release and one non-PH release that we love. 

We’ll be offering two subscription tiers for 2024: the Standard Direct Line Subscription and the Deluxe Direct Line Subscription. The standard subscription will include two subscription boxes with two records each, a 10% discount code in the Psychic Hotline store for all of 2024, and access to digital downloads of all our 2024 releases. Box 1 will ship in May and Box 2 in September.

And this year, the Deluxe Subscription is even bigger! In addition to the two standard boxes, Deluxe subscribers will receive TWO additional Deluxe boxes, one which will include the Reyna Tropical coffee made by Little Waves coffee and the other will include an exclusive sweatshirt designed by Psychic Hotline artist Nathaniel Russell. (Shipping in July and November.) Plus you will receive a 15% discount in the Psychic Hotline store for all of 2024.

Direct Line Subscription

  • 2 packages in 2024, both containing 2 records each
  • Downloads of all 2024 releases
  • 10% webstore discount

Direct Line Deluxe Subscription

  • 4 packages in 2024, containing two records each
  • Downloads of all 2024 releases
  • 15% webstore discount
  • Exclusive Psychic Hotline Sweatshirt

The first package will include two releases: Four Tet’s new album Three and our last remaining copies of Reyna Tropical’s debut album Malegría on sun yellow vinyl. As for the rest of the releases, these will be a surprise! (But if you already own one of our releases then just let us know. We’ll pick something else out for you in its place.) 

There is limited availability. There are only 50 subscription slots available for Direct Line and though the subscriptions last throughout the year, you can only purchase a 2024 subscription this month. After April 30th, no one will be able to subscribe until we reopen for subscriptions for 2025.

So jump in and join us for another year of Direct Line!